Biking in Bolzano

Ella read a story in school about the Iceman found in the mountains of Italy. So we ended visiting Bolzano, Italy. It is small town in the Northern part of the country. While famous for Otzi, the iceman, we found Bolzano to be the biking capital of the world.

Everyone rides bikes here. They have great bike paths that can take you on adventures just about anywhere. When I say that everyone bikes here I mean everyone.  Children as young as two are on push bikes. Others are learning to pedal in the bike trailers behind their parents. People in the later years of life bike. Since everyone was doing it we decided to rent some bikes and try it out for ourselves.

We headed out the first day and did not quite make it to our destination. The ride was great though. The next day were were going to take a two hour bike ride. It ended up being a beautiful 35 km ride through the countryside filled with orchards and vineyards. While the kids did not enjoy going up the mountainsides, they had a great time doing 35 km/hour on the way down.  We enjoyed our time in Bolzano and we did get off our bikes long enough to play in the great park and to see Otzi.

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