First Road Trip in NZ

We have worked our way down the north island the last few days. We started at the Bay of Islands, visited Auckland, and finally stopped for a few days in the greater Rotorua area. This area is often compared to Yellowstone in the US. As always there were moments of awe as we made our way down.

On the drive down we enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The land is green here. You can see all kinds of different plant life – from pine trees to palm trees – in a small area.

We enjoyed a cultural show about the Maori people. I am always amazed at their music and dance. The Hakka never ceases to awe.

We visited a garden where I saw a very important plant. Check out the picture.

We witnessed glow worms in dark caves. Their life cycle is not very glamorous, but for part of it they bring joy to many people.

We made a stop at the Hamilton New Zealand Temple. I always enjoy spending time at the Temple even if it is just outside. They have a new history museum here. It tells of the beginnings of the LDS Church in this area of the world. I am always inspired by the sacrifices of those willing to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to others so they may also have the blessings it brings.


Above: Cacao Tree — from which chocolate is obtained


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