The Pre-Departure Rush

So what is the Day 0 rush? It is the day before departure when you are sprinting around to pick up those last items you need (or at least think you need) for the trip. We managed to get our last few times just before the stores closed.

In the Craze househould, Day 0 is also when Tiffany is hurrying to finish her housecleaning and is threatening her children and husband if they go into recently cleaned rooms. For the avoidance of doubt, she roped off rooms as she cleaned them. The process started in ernest on Day -3 and our allowable living space continued to contract with each passing day.

Her reasoning for such a thorough cleaning is legit. “I want to still be on vacation when I come home,” she said. “It is hard to relax if you are coming home to a dirty house.” One cannot argue with that.



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