Hot Creeks and Funny Video

One of the neat things about the creeks and rivers around Rotorua is many are fed by boiling springs. The Waikate Thermal Hot Springs near our house is home to the highest volume geothermal spring in New Zealand. It produces 40-50 liters per second of 99 degrees Celsius (210 degrees Fahrenheit) boiling water.

The creek that it feeds runs through the Waikate valley. From the front porch of our house, you can see steam rising from the creek across the valley (see picture above).

On Thursday, we hiked down to Kerosene Creek, which is a hot creek not far from Wai-o-Tapu. The water is hot enough to make you appreciate the overcast day. The kids had a good time, especially on a tree that overhangs one of its pools. Tiffany caught some great footage that I’m sure you’ll find humorous.


2 thoughts on “Hot Creeks and Funny Video”

  1. We’re supposed to get snow tonight or tomorrow morning! I’d rather be playing in the water!

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