The First Few Days of Awe

We are finally getting settled here and adjusting to the time change. I am hoping to stop waking up at 4:30 am at some point. Craig made some posts earlier, but I wanted to share my first couple moments of awe. The first came as we were flying across the USA. I realized I was able to enjoy a beautiful sunset for hours. It was amazing. The second moment was on a boat trip looking for dolphins. The hope was to swim with them, but there are rules. One is that there is no swimming if there is a baby. We finally found a large pod. As we pulled up to watch, the first one we saw come out of the water was an adorable three week old baby. Its presence meant no swimming, but seeing it and watching the pod was amazing. We quickly forgot about the swimming. I am looking forward to sharing more awe experiences with you as we go along. Feel free to leave your moments of awe in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The First Few Days of Awe”

  1. That’s awesome. It would have made my day just to be that close to the dolphins and to see a baby, WOW!

    Keep posting because I am really enjoying your adventures! I enjoyed Naavah’s post too! Ella needs to catch me up a little on her view of the adventure. Parker on the other hand is sorely lacking. I need to know how Tip Toes travels are going. Naavah did tell about him falling down. Her version made both grandpa and I laugh.

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