The Unexpected

The last few days have reminded me to find the awe in the unexpected.

One day we were headed to take a little walk/hike only to find out that we could not enter in flip flops. On the way back out we saw some signs for mud pools and stopped to take a look. It was a detour well worth it.

Yesterday we headed out to find a kiwi bird. They were not cooperating. We decided to take a walk around and try again later. On the walk we came across two of the cutest baby birds in the path. Aah was all we could say as we helped them find a safer location. We never did see the kiwi birds.

Today we attempted another hike only to find it closed for the day. We decided to visit the Redwood forest in the daylight instead. (Craig took us on a night hike a few days ago.) It is amazing how tall and straight trees can grow. It was beautiful to see the Redwoods growing with the native silver ferns in their shadow.

We may have to make adjustments in life. Things may not always go as we plan. There will be unexpected moments of awe if we will look for them.

6 thoughts on “The Unexpected”

  1. Loved the boiling mud! I enjoy Yellowstone because I am mesmerized with the boiling mud!

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